MA in Heritage Management (Διαχείριση Πολιτιστικής Κληρονομιάς)

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    • The MA in Heritage Management is an intensive three semester (one and a half academic year) postgraduate programme which uniquely combines the worlds of archaeology and business and is taught in Eleusina, Athens, an area of world-class archaeological significance. It focuses on teaching the skills required for the management of heritage sites across the world and how to effectively work with archaeologists, architects, conservators, and marketing / education specialists while fundraising and supervising specific projects.

      A Unique MA
      This MA has many unique characteristics:

      • This MA is the only MA taught in English internationally that is a collaboration between a leading Business School of Southern Europe with one of the top 30 MBAs internationally (AUEB) and a dynamic British Archaeology Department with world class projects in Heritage Management.
      • It is taught at a world class archaeological site.
      • Its courses have been designed by world class specialists, taking into account the particular needs of archaeology, in subjects such as Human Resources Management, Education and Archaeology, Tourism Marketing, Archaeological Site Conservation, Strategic Planning, and Finance for Cultural organizations. No other MA in the English language teaches these key areas with specific reference to the special needs of archaeology.

      Transferable Skills
      All courses are useful and designed in such a way so as to provide transferable skills both for Cultural resources management, or, more generally, for any other field of the business world. So, despite the fact that Heritage Management is a fast growing niche market, your skills and degrees will be useful for a great number of careers.

      Career Advice and Placement Service
      Career advice shall be offered at organized events during the course of the year, but also a placement service for internships is currently being set up so as to provide you with world class opportunities around the world.

      Work Experience
      Students before the end of their studies will have several opportunities to acquire work experience through:
      1) The Field Study Programme, a market lead collaborative project offers an excellent work opportunity with expert supervision that can showcase your talents and expertise.
      2) Several volunteer placements are available through the Heritage Management Organization, a student run NGO that aims to promote best practices in heritage management.

      Internship Placement Service
      Once you become an MA graduate, you will have the opportunity to do a volunteer internship for one of partner organisations around the world for a minimum of one month.

    • The programme consists of six core modules, one or two optional modules, and furthermore either a supervised dissertation or a collaborative market-based study project which makes a contribution to management of archaeological heritage.

      Core modules

      Optional modules (not all available in same year)

      One (30 credit) or two (15 credit) modules will be chosen from the following list (Kent courses will be taught by part-time lecturers; there is a provision in the budget for high payments and travel expenses of part-time teachers so that we can hire the best).

      Programme duration

      Three semesters, 9 months for taught modules and exams and 7 for the dissertation/field study project. Residence in Eleusina is required for 12 months.

      For extensive information (in pdf file format), please click here.



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