Μεταπτυχιακές υποτροφίες στο International Max Planck Research School της Γερμανίας



Καταληκτική ημερομηνία: Παρασκευή 11 Μαΐου 2018

The research activities of our IMPRS are focused on four core areas: Molecular recognition of biopolymers, Photo-induced molecular processes, Cell-like systems and processes, Tissue-like systems and processes.

We encourage applications of Master’s and diploma students in physics, chemistry, biology, or material sciences with a good knowledge of English. The deadline for such applications is May 11, 2018.

Research will be done in a stimulating, highly multidisciplinary and international environment, centered at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and its partner institutes in Potsdam and Berlin: University of Potsdam, Free University in Berlin, Humboldt University in Berlin.

Please consult the IMPRS webpage for a detailed description of the IMPRS on Multiscale Bio-Systems, with the scope of the school and a list of all faculty with their research interests. Applicants are expected to express their interest in one of the proposed interdisciplinary projects.

Καταληκτική ημερομηνία: Παρασκευή 11 Μαΐου 2018
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