MA in Computer Assisted Language Learning

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    • MA in Computer Assisted Language Learning by the Cyprus University of Technology

      Aims and structure of MA in Computer Assisted Language Learning

      MA in Computer Assisted Language Learning

      The programme aims to meet the needs of the local community and language teachers worldwide.
      It aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed today for professional careers in teaching second / foreign language with the use of new technologies  at all levels of education (pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary). It  focuses on learning theories, pedagogical methods and technological applications in language teaching. It is consistent with contemporary learning theories and methods in language teaching as well as dealing with the theories and methods of application of new technologies in teaching and learning languages taught as a second (L2) or as a Foreign Language (FL). Although not limited to the teaching of English as a second / foreign language, the objectives of the proposed Master’s programme are consistent with the technological standard for the teaching of English as a Second Language (Teaching English as a Second Language Technology Standards Framework, 2008).

      Specifically, upon completion of the programme, it is expected that students will have acquired specialised knowledge, skills and experiences in Computer Assisted Language Learning and in Autonomous and Lifelong Learning.

      The MA in CALL programme aims to attract language teachers from around the world (from government and private schools as well as tertiary education in Cyprus and Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and Australia), seeking to attend a graduate programme in this subject and with this particular mode. The maximum number of students admitted is 15-20, following a competitive process, in order to maintain the high level of quality.

      MA programme requirements

      As in all other Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) postgraduate programmes, attendance is continuous and mandatory and can be full-time. The courses are offered online, synchronously and asynchronously aiming at facilitating working students.

      To obtain the MA degree in CALL the following are required:

      • Study of at least 3 semesters. The maximum study duration is 6 semesters.
      • Successful completion of 90 ECTS, which includes graduate courses and a Master’s thesis.

      The CUT programmes are based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). An ECT represents 25-30 hours per semester.

      A postgraduate student is considered full-time in a given semester if the total workload in the semester carries 27-30 ECTS.

      Language of Instruction

      The programme is offered in English as a common language of the international community and the most commonly taught language in CALL, excellent knowledge of English is thus required.

      Course Description

      The MA in CALL course is a 3-semester course of 90 ECTS credit. The course covers areas such as Second Language Acquisition, Language Teaching Methodologies, Second Language (L2) Instructional Technology, L2 Assessment &b Testing, Research Methodologies/Design, L2 Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), CALL from the student’s perspective and research in the area of CALL. It consists of eight modules of 7,5-ECTS credit each, and a 30 ECTs credit module on research in CALL.

      For successful completion of the MA in CALL course, students must complete all components of the programme of a total of 90 ECTS (ECTS).  The course consists of 8 modules, credited with 7,5 ECTS each and a thesis credited with 30 ECTS.

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    • Courses

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      Courses for Full-Time Programme
      Semester 1
      LCE 510 Second Language Acquisition (SLA)7,5
      LCE 511 Language Teaching Methodologies (LTM)7,5
      LCE 512 Second Language Instructional Technology (SliT)7,5
      LCE 515 Second Language Curriculum Development and Evaluation (L2CDE)7,5
      Semester 2
      LCE 513 Computer Assisted Language Assessment & Testing (CALAT)7,5
      LCE 514 Research Methodologies in Applied Linguistics (RMAL)7,5
      LCE 516 Emerging Technologies in Language Learning (ETLL)7,5
      LCE 517 CALL from the student perspective (CALLSP)7,5
      Semester 3
      LCE 580 MA Dissertation30


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