10 Διδακτορικά στο τμήμα Μοριακή Βιολογίας, Βιοφυσικής και Βιοπληροφορικής, στη Γερμανία



Διδακτορικά για 10 άτομα στο τμήμα Μοριακή Βιολογίας, Βιοφυσικής και Βιοπληροφορικής, στη Γερμανία, 2018

The International PhD Programme (IPP) on “Epigenetics, Gene Regulation & Genome Stability” in Mainz gives talented and enthusiastic students the opportunity to undertake PhD research at the cutting edge of modern biology. Projects within the IPP address key questions relating to the overarching themes of gene regulation, epigenetics and genome stability.

The IPP is designed to train you in both the scientific skills and the creative and critical thinking abilities that you will need for your research and personal development as a scientist. Our groups cover a broad range of expertise in the fields of Epigenetics, Transcriptional Control & Dynamics, RNA & Chromatin Biology, Stem Cell & Developmental Biology, Evolution, DNA Repair & Genome Stability, Ageing & Disease, and Bioinformatics & Systems Biology.

We offer up to 10 fully funded positions in our summer 2018 call.

The IPP is coordinated by the Institute of Molecular Biology – a centre of excellence in the life sciences. Participating groups are located at the:

Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)

Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU)

University Medical Centre (UMC)

Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P)

There are ~125 PhD students from over 25 different countries enrolled in the IPP.

Duration of stipend/salary: 3 years, with the possibility of extension
Deadline for registration (exclusively online via web form): 15 May 2018

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