M.A.Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Βαλκανικών Σλαβικών και Ανατολικών Σπουδών

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Economic progress and prospects of Central, Eastern and South- Eastern Europe are constrained by political choices, institutions and governance developed after the fundamental political regime changes in the early 90’s. Countries of the region have become full members of the European Union, some members of the Eurozone, and others are in the accession process to the European Union. Apart from the economic consequences European integration drives political reforms towards institutional and social restructuring. The MA in the Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South Eastern Europe aims at offering a comprehensive and in depth analysis of both political and economic developments in the region, emphasising the interrelation between the two, and setting their institutional and social context.


The program aims at:

(a) preparing students for careers in business, government, NGOs and international organizations operating in Eastern and Southeastern Europe;

(b) strengthening and extending the skills and the specialized knowledge of those already following such careers,

(c) preparing students for PhD study.

(d) also gives opportunity for further studies at Bamberg University.

The program also intends to promote and strengthen research in the area of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, involving graduate students in relevant research projects.

Language of instruction: English.

Duration: The programme lasts 13 months for full time and 25 months for part-time study.

Number of students: Maximum of 30 students per year.

Fees: €4,000.

Scholarships: The program offers financial aid to international students with a strong academic record.

Also, a limited number of tuition fees waivers, per semester, are available for students with excellent results in semester exams.


The application procedure for the academic year 2017/2018 is OPEN.

Candidates should hold a first degree preferably in political science or economics, or any other related field.

All candidates are required to submit the following documents:

1. An application form with a personal statement of purpose (stating why you want to participate in this program and describing future career plans). You can download the application here.

2. A curriculum vitae.

3. Certified copies of first degree and related transcripts (course marks), translated into either English or Greek where necessary. Candidates who have not yet graduated should submit a signed statement documenting: (a) their current average mark; (b) the number of courses remaining in order to graduate; and (c) a commitment to submit their final degree at registration in September.

4. Proof of proficiency in English.

5. Two letters of recommendation (of which at least one must be from a faculty member of the university from which you graduated). Such letters should have an original signature and stamp of the originating institution, and be attached to the application in a sealed envelope with the referee’s signature over the flap. If the application and the supporting documents are sent by e-mail, the reference letters should be sent directly by the referees from their professional e-mails.

Work experience, proficiency in other languages, and holding of a postgraduate degree are welcome and will be additionally evaluated.

When to apply: Candidates are welcome to submit their applications all year round. However, we suggest that you apply as early as possible to ensure place availability. You will be informed of our decision within twenty working days of receiving your complete application.

How to apply: The applications with all supporting documents should be submitted either

by registered post or personally at the following address:

MA in Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and South Eastern Europe

University of Macedonia
Building KZ, Office 210

156 Egnatia str.,
54636 Thessaloniki

or by e-mail: [email protected]

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